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Babybjörn is a Swedish family-owned company specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of baby products. It was founded in 1961 by Björn Jakobson, who in 2012 was awarded His Majesty The King’s Medal “for significant contributions to Swedish industry”.

Mike N shared wrote this outraged review: "Babybjörn Baby Carrier is terrible! The straps are so uncomfortable, not only do the put so much strain on your back, the connector in the back freely slides so that your adjustments for size never stay in place. After 5 minutes of wearing this product it will ride so far up above your shoulder blades that it is impossible to keep you baby safe and your back comfortable. Don’t bother trying to return it after you realize how terrible it is, because if you test it is considered used and they won’t take it back. In addition, even if you didn’t use it they still will not take it back if you received it before your baby was born as a gift or in preparation for your new bundle of joy because it will be past the 30 day mark. We purchased this carrier before baby was born, but he came late and we couldn’t use the product until he weighed 8 pounds so our 30 days were past. We had no chance to return and now we are stuck with a terrible carrier and a waste of money."


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